Food Background


You Asked. We Answered.

  • Can I get a refund at any time?

    All sales are final. Your coach has worked hard and has committed to your program. You CAN put your program on hold for up to one month in case something comes up

  • How does the accountability phase work with payment?

    Once you sign up for the accountability phase this is an ongoing month to month membership at $49. We require 30-day cancellation notice.

  • Do I have to track my food forever?

    Certainly not. While our approach does involve tracking, we don’t expect that it’s something you’ll do forever. The process of coming to understand exactly how much food you need and in what balance can be very educational (if not eye opening!), but perhaps the most important part of the process is to improve your relationship with food- noticing how you feel and perform from day to day or week to week based on the changes you are making.

    Some of our clients prefer to track every day, while others prefer it here and there to make sure they’re on track. The point is for you and your coach to find what best suits you.
    Tracking can be a little tough at first, but it gets much easier. After a little while you’ll even have a good idea of the macronutrient breakdown in meals without measuring- which comes in very handy.

  • I have some questions and concerns about the plan, what do I do?

    We are here 24/7 so you can email us with further questions. We expect you to have questions

  • Will I get bulky from eating so much protein?

    Nope. Building muscle tissue is costly on the bodies recourses and doesn’t happen by accident. Couple that with the fact that it’s even harder to do on a caloric deficit, and it’s easy to understand that you won’t “get bulky”.

    What will be more likely to happen is that you’ll maintain lean body mass, and lose a significant amount of body fat resulting in a more athletic and healthy look.

    If you’re looking to gain mass then yes you will see increases in size, but that will come down to the amount of calories consumed, and the breakdown of each macronutrient.

  • Can I eat the same foods for every meal?

    Sure, but that may get boring. Truth being told, people generally fall into two categories here: the ones who can eat the same meals all the time, and the ones who need lots of variety.

    The beauty of our approach is that either can be successful.

    While we recommend some variation to prevent burnout, some people find that keeping one meal per day constant- usually breakfast or lunch. Your coach can help you navigate your needs with whatever approach fits best.

  • Are the carbohydrate measurements for cooked or uncooked pasta/rice?

    The measurements are done after the pasta or rice is cooked. One cup of cooked pasta/rice= 40 grams of carbs.

  • Do I have to track everything, even vegetables, oils and condiments?

    Healthy food still has calories, and calories add up, and can most certainly cause weight gain. This is why it is important that you log every single thing you eat during the beginning stages. Vegetables, oils and condiments included!

  • What program is best for me?

    This is something you and your coach can figure out together based off your needs and goals