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December 8, 2017 | Helpful Tips

Want to feel better though the holidays?

We might not be in the best shape of our lives during this holiday season but we don’t have to give up. The month of December is filled with parties, alcohol, food, candy, baked goods and lots and lots of egg nog. And in case you didn’t know just because it says ‘egg’ egg nog is, in fact, not healthy. 😉

So how do we avoid feeling unhealthy and out of shape come the New Year?

Some will choose to go on a strict diet to the point of avoiding parties this holiday season. This is such an unrealistic approach but it happens, I did it. Back in University and the ‘frosh 15 days’, I felt awful, uncomfortable, and disappointed in myself. I remember googling something like, “How to lose 15lbs in 2 weeks”. And bang ‘grapefruit diet’ popped up. I didn’t even like grapefruit but I was eating them. I also remember the diet telling me to eat hotdogs? Clearly anyone can post a diet. But I was desperate so I followed along. Obviously I couldn’t keep this up and failed miserably.

We don’t need to go to this extreme, we can make small choices that will add up and have us feeling good.

Try implementing one small action every day till the end of December. For me that action is getting my heart rate up once a day no matter what. Even if it’s just sneaking in 20 burpees or 50 air squats.

Other daily actions:
Take the stairs
Cook a nutritious breakfast
Walk the dog
Sweat once a day

This action will then turn into a habit and that’s what will make the difference- NOT my extreme grapefruit diet from over a decade ago.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!