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Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Coaching

At Feed Your Lifestyle we offer one-on-one coaching to meet our client’s needs. This program will give you the highest level of communication and assistance to execute the nutrition plan.

Our aim is to coach you to the results you want and foster a life-long healthy relationship with food. Our approach to Nutrition is two-pronged- we believe that successful coaching consists of Education & Accountability.



Customized Nutrition Program

3 month commitment


  • Fully customized nutrition program
  • In Person Consultation (monthly)
  • In Body Composition and Pictures (monthly)
  • Email Check-ins (weekly)
  • Unlimited support and guidance with your nutrition coach
  • Individualized areas of focus: Meal plan, meal prep, goal setting, grocery shopping, eating out, macronutrient goals, healthy habits, sports nutrition, weight loss, sustainability, etc.
Accountability Phase

month to month


  • Automatically enrolled upon completion of 3-month Customized Nutrition Program
  • Must have successfully completed one of the nutrition programs
  • Less teaching but continued support, guidance, accountability with check-ins, questions, and concerns
  • This program was created to help keep you moving toward your goals but keep things more affordable